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[★] ‘Live on Earth: Continent Tour’ Performance List


  • One Shot
  • Power
  • VCR - “What Is Love?”
  • Lovesick
  • Coffee Shop
  • Body & Soul
  • Punch
  • No Mercy
  • Bangx2
  • Rain Sound
  • Dance Solo (Jongup’s Special Stage)
  • Save Me
  • VCR - “Learn the Dance from Mato Planet”
  • Check On
  • SPY
  • Hurricane
  • Stop It
  • Crash


  • 1004

-Talk Session-

  • Warrior 
  • B.A.B.Y
  • With You
LOE NY 2014 account

I’m sure none of you want to hear about my trials and tribulations before the concert so let’s just get into it!

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140413 LOE NY episode

During ‘Punch’ Daehyun poured too much water into Youngjae’s mouth and nearly drowned him. Youngjae grabbed the lapel of Daehyun’s jacket and shook then threw him. Daehyun tripped and fell on his ass. Youngjae died laughing.

jongup x mv sets


I’m from the B.A.P fandom.

Broke Ass People

#ItsBYGDay - 900331 : Today is the day the man, the one of a kind man that has been living for up to 24 years now. He has been an amazing idol to his members, friends, families, mostly his fans. Despite his passion in singing, writing and composing songs, he’s also a thoughtful man about the world. He cares about the children’s education and how they are living in such an underprivileged family. Other than that, he is also a good, respectful leader for their members. I hope we can all be like him. Although these gifs aren’t complete enough to show how I feel and see about him, but we all know that he is beyond all of that. Happy Birthday Bang Yongguk, hope you live a long life. Thank you for leading me to a better world day by day. 

I’m back! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up with anything since last Friday so that’s what I’ll be doing for the next day or two.

I ended up getting a new laptop because no one could figure out why my old one decided to go kaput. I’m now using a Dell Inspiron 15 with i5 and windows 8. I’m going to spend tonight looking at one of those things that teaches you how to transition from 7 to 8.